13.04.18 : Septeto Acarey y Maia – Fragil

Good day dear blog readers, followers, listeners ¡y todos los amantes de la musica Cubana!

Have you ever been in a situation when something good comes at a bad timing?
Or, have you ever wondered “why didn’t this happen before, but had to materialize right now?”

Well, this is the silver lining passing throughout today’s song, a beautiful and romantic Son Montuno composition by Septeto Acarey, featuring the vocalist Maia.

“…one more step, and I trip…”, goes the last line of the cuerpo section before we get into the coros and the montuno \ estribillo part of the song…

So, let’s listen ourselves, shouldn’t we?
Oh, and if you feel like doing so, turn on the volume, stand up, grab your partner (or a wooden chair, as the rock’n’roll classic states 😉 ) and dance!

Decembre 2018 update:
The official video clip for the song has been released!

… y no se olviden… ¡ siguen disfrutando la musica Cubana ! …

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