27.12.12 : Klimax – La Pelirroja

Today’s favorite is a new Timba track by a group which is not new at all to the Cuban musical scene…Everybody loves redheads, and Cuban timba band Klimax is no different than the rest, releasing an energetic and sophisticated (as all tracks written, arranged, produced, or all 3 of those, by drummer and band leader Giraldo Piloto) track dedicated to these rare ones walking among us.

Giraldo Piloto, drummer, composer, song writer, arranger, and band leader of Klimax, has been at the epicenter of the timba revolution since day 01;
Boasting a long line of great musicians in his family, Piloto was a founding member of NG La Banda, the group to which the invention of Timba is attributed to; except that, he has been writing songs for Charanga Habanera, and writing and arranging numbers for Isaac Delgado in the early 1990’s.

After being away from the spotlight for almost a decade, in spring 1995 Piloto decided to form his own band, and thus Klimax was born.

Having a very wide and compassing musical background, and many talented musicians and singers in his band, Piloto created a unique style of his own, which sounds like no other; mixing old and new, Klimax keeps staring at the Cuban and international Latin charts.

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