11.09.20 : Isla Caribe Habana – Ya Llegue

Good day dear blog readers, listeners, followers ¡y todos los amantes de la musica Cubana!

Today we shall enjoy a fine Timba from the group Isla Caribe Habana,taking us back to the golden age…

The group was founded nearly 30 years ago, in septembre 1992, and its repertoire is mostly based on more traditional genres of Cuban music such as Suku Suku, Son Montuno, though as in today’s composition, they sometimes venture into the realm of Timba.

Isla Caribe Habana has performed at the best venues of Cuba such as Salon Rosado, Tropicana, Palacio de la Salsa, Casas de la Musica Habana & Miramar, Cabaret Copa Rum del Riviera and many more.

Throughout the years the years the group performed with many primera linea artists such as Los Van Van, Adalberto Alvarez, Compay Segundo, Omara Portuando and Eliades Ochoa.

and Always remember… ¡Sigue disfrutando la musica Cubana!

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