Monthly Archives: October 2014

31.10.14 : Pupy y Los Que Son Son – Oh No

Good day dear readers!

Today I’m writing from a local Cuban salsa festival, called “Otra Festival”.

The atmosphere is great; very happy but at the same time very relaxed and suave…

So, this week’s song is just that way; It is “oh no” by Pupy y Los Que Son Son, from the wonderful album “siempre Pupy”.

I sure hope that all can relax during this weekend, and that this song will help out a bit in that task 🙂


24.10.14 : Soneros All Stars – Homenaje a La Rumba

Good day dear readers!

After a 2 week long break due to my wonderful vacation in the great country of Belarus, the blog is back on track!

Today I wish to present a song I heard at one of the (great, from all possible aspects) salsa parties in Minsk, a new composition by the Soneros All Stars.

The song is called “homenaje a la Rumba”, and definitely stands up to its name with several interesting Rumba parts strategically embedded throughout this high gear Timba composition.

The song is from the band’s new album “Lolo” which came out earlier this year, and personally I like quite a lot.

I had a wonderful dance on this song in that party, and surely hope you will have some as well!


03.10.14 : Paulito FG – Mi Tentacion

Good day dear readers!

Today I’m glad to present you something with a clear conscience, or in Spanish, con la conciencia tranquila 🙂

This is actually the name of the wonderful 1997 album by Paulito FG, on which this week’s song is listed.

The great Paulito, one of Timba’s most unique and outstanding figures, is quite a diverse musician, which provides the listener and dancer with anything and everything from hard hitting, fast paced, Afro-Cuban groove infused tracks to lyrical and romantic compositions such as this one.

So, have a good time with this great music, disfruten!