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27.12.12 : Klimax – La Pelirroja

Today’s favorite is a new Timba track by a group which is not new at all to the Cuban musical scene…Everybody loves redheads, and Cuban timba band Klimax is no different than the rest, releasing an energetic and sophisticated (as all tracks written, arranged, produced, or all 3 of those, by drummer and band leader Giraldo Piloto) track dedicated to these rare ones walking among us.

Giraldo Piloto, drummer, composer, song writer, arranger, and band leader of Klimax, has been at the epicenter of the timba revolution since day 01;
Boasting a long line of great musicians in his family, Piloto was a founding member of NG La Banda, the group to which the invention of Timba is attributed to; except that, he has been writing songs for Charanga Habanera, and writing and arranging numbers for Isaac Delgado in the early 1990’s.

After being away from the spotlight for almost a decade, in spring 1995 Piloto decided to form his own band, and thus Klimax was born.

Having a very wide and compassing musical background, and many talented musicians and singers in his band, Piloto created a unique style of his own, which sounds like no other; mixing old and new, Klimax keeps staring at the Cuban and international Latin charts.

20.12.12 : Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son – La Tercera Historia

Good evening!
In this post, 1st of many to come on a weekly basis, I am glad to introduce to you this beautiful song of the Son genre by el cabaliero del son (as he is nicknamed by many around the world), Adalberto Alvarez.

Adalberto is a pianist, a composer, a songwriter and the band leader of one of the top bands in Cuba.

Starting his career during the 70’s with the legendary group “Son 14”, Adalberto is well known for his witty lyrics, catchy grooves and a very elegant style which stays modern and innovative, not loosing its relevance to contemporary audiences.

His retention of the great musical traditions of the Cuban son, and the elegance of his musical style have led to Adalberto being “knighted” by the audiences to the status of “el cabaliero del son”, with “cabaliero” translating from Spanish as both “knight” and “gentleman”.

If you have some spare time and curiosity, you can read a quite full biography of Adalberto’s musical career here.


Che’s Cuban music blog – recommendations by DJ Che

Hello dear Soneras y Soneros, Rumberas y Rumberos, Casineras y Casineros, y todos los amantes de la musica Cubana…

My name is Mikhail (Misha, for short…), but among the circles at my locale I am mostly known as “DJ Che”, or just “Che” for short.

Cuban music and social dancing are two great passions of mine… Words cannot describe the ecstasy I feel when listening (and dancing) to a great peace of Cuban music… It moves me from head to toe, leaving not a single cell of my body at rest… ¡un monton de sensaciones!

Thus, in this humble blog of mine, I will be posting some favorite compositions from the various genres of Cuban music, from Son to Timba, from Guaguanco to Mambo, from Bolero to Songo, and much, much more!

So stay tuned, and disfruten, while the sounds of this wonderful music go directamente a vuestros corazones!

DJ Che