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Greetings.My name is Michael, but among the salsa circles at my locale I’m mostly known as “Che” or “DJ Che”.

I fell in love with Cuban music & dancing not so long ago, at January of 2006, but have been a devoted fan ever since, enjoying Cuban music, live and collected, and Cuban dancing; Son, Rumba and of course Casino (and Rueda de Casino) .

The purpose of this blog is to share my passion of Cuban music with the world, spreading the love.

I hope you’ll enjoy this blog, and will do my best to help you discover the wonderful world of Cuban music.

Hasta pronto,
DJ Che

15 thoughts on “About me

  1. Michelle

    Hello! I love your blog and was wondering if we could probably connect. I work with a new salsa band and it would be great to see them featured on your blog. Would I be able to get your email?

      1. Barbara Ruiz La cubanisima

        Hi che,my name is yousy barbara ruiz former of las chicas del sol,i’m happy to read about it,please could you send me an email to reply to you,where im at on my musical carrier? I am recording my new album call Conectate asere whit Manolito Simonet and Pupi pedroso ,now i leave in Montreal Canada and i just had release my new album La cubanisima,it will be nice if you write something about it,im glad to meet you by the way,hope to hear from you soon.

        1. Michael Che Morozov


          Wow, I’m really flattered to read this.
          Will be glad to listen to your album and present it (and your career) when it comes out.

          Good luck with the new production!

          Will send an email right away (if you don’t receive it, please reply again here in a few days, so I know that I got it wrong somehow…) .

  2. Jose

    Hola DJ CHE.

    I have a new all original Brooklyn made Cuban Salsa album by OLA FRESCA set for release in Spring of 2015 which is going to make you really move. Please let me know how and where i can send it your way so you can share a great new album with your listeners and readers. Gracias.

    Jose Conde

    1. Michael Che Morozov

      Hi there Bobby!

      Are you someway related to this group?

      I listened to the clip, and loved every moment!
      I’m a great fan of Son and other old school Cuban music.

      I already made the post for this week, but I will gladly review this band next week.
      Do you have any clips of the group performing a single Son composition?
      Also, please send me information about the band to michael0che0m@gmail.com .

      Thank you for posting !

  3. Joe Mende

    Hello Che,

    I really enjoyed some of your blog posts! I know it’s mostly geared towards Cuban music, but I have a Salsa band named Afinca’o and I would really like to send you our music and see what you think of possibly featuring us on one of your posts. I think you’ll dig it!

  4. Eli

    Hello Che!

    Loved what I read in the blog.

    If I can ask for a bit of help, from one Cuban music lover to another –
    I love son, salsa and everything but I most love RUMBA. I am planning a trip to HAVANA in February or March of 2020. When I was in Cuba in 2017, I had a very good dose of rumba in Santiago de Cuba and in Trinidad. In Havana less so.

    Don’t find much information about rumba places/gatherings in Havana (doesn’t have to be clubs. I was in “Palacio de la Rumba” and it wasn’t great. Callejon de Hammel too touristy for me. I prefer something more casual/spontaneous) where I can enjoy every other day. Any good Rumba in Havana recommendations? contacts? links?

    Also there is supposed to be a Festival “Fiesta Del Tambor” in late March. Know something about that in relation to rumba or generally?

    Thank you very much upfront for any tip!


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