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26.12.14 : Sur Caribe – Fiesta y Resumen

Good day dear readers!

Today I wish to present you a very nice song by Sur Caribe from Santiago De Cuba, from the album “25 veces fiesta”, which came out at 2013, celebrating the 25th (!) anniversary of the band.


That’s right – like many other bands in Cuba, Sur Caribe only came to international acclaim during the last decade, but was active in Cuba since the late 1980’s !

So, I encourage you to ask the DJ at your local salsa venue to play this song, thus making it a real Cuban party, so you can have fun, just like in Cuba…

Disfruten !

19.12.14 : Paulito FG live – The legendary Noche De Cristal concert !

Good day dear readers!

Today I wish to share with you one of the best concert of Paulito FG I’m familiar with, the 1998 “Noche De Cristal” concert!

Recorded during the golden age of Timba music, this concert became the stuff of legends… at that time the band had some legendary personal like Alexander Abreu, and some who would be members of Isaac Delgado’s group in a short while… Isaac himself was in the crowd, by the way 🙂

12.12.14 : Manolin – Ya Se Que Sabes De Mi

Good day dear readers !

Today I wish to present you a favorite tune of mine by Manolin, also known as “el medico de la salsa”.

As I wrote before, since leaving Cuba and moving to Miami, Manolin has almost completely abandoned Timba in favour of commercialized, western music.

But this was not the case 100% of the time, and although no Timba albums were released for many years, a few of his “old style” tracks have been released here and there, just like this song from around 2007 (another wonderful example is “Me Falta Habana“, from around the same time; In this song Manolin tells about how much he misses his homeland and would like to get back, but he cannot…)  .

This song is just like his good old work – wonderful, sophisticated, hard hitting yet very suave Timba music of the highest quality.

Recently Manolin has been visiting Cuba, so, hopefully, we will see the comeback of the good master Timbero Manolin in our lifetimes!

As for now, I leave you with this great track; Disfruten !

05.12.14 : Manolito y Su Trabuco – Te Quise De Mas

Good evening dear readers!

Many people think that Timba is “fast and furious” with fast tempos, harsh lyrics and hard hitting guias.

This might be true in some cases, but Timba is a much much (much!!!) wider universe.

So, today I wish to introduce a nice romantic composition by Manolito y Su Trabuco called “Te Quise De Mas”, from the 1996 album “contra todos los pronosticos”.

I like it as it if very suave but still has a great groove.