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25.07.14 : Maykel Blanco – El Bembe

Good day dear readers!

Today I wish to present you a song by Maykel Blanco that is a personal favorite of mine from the 2012 album “A Toda Maquina” – El Bembe.

This song is a favorite because it combines lots of Rumba Guaguanco within its Timba framework.
It’s not the first song to do so, but IMO we don’t hear enough such songs in general.
Also, it does so more than once during the song, and not only in the intro.

So, I hope you will like it as much as I did;
Disfruten !

11.07.14 : Havana De Primera – Rosa La Peligrosa

Good afternoon dear blog readers!

Today I wish to present you with yet another near genius creation of the renaissance man of modern Cuban music, Alexander Abreu (the driving force behind the wonderful Havana De Primera band, which definitely lives up to its name…) .

This wonderful composition is called “Rosa La Peligrosa”; Through an interesting development over its course, with many fine passages, bridges, guias, solos, intricate melodic lines and a powerful rhythm section, the song transmits an emotionally charged and captivating story, full of social criticism and drama.

The song is very well made, and has been a hit on dance floors worldwide for quite a while now.

On youtube and some other websites exist several versions of this beautiful song, some of which are ~30% truncated, spanning only a little over 4 minutes, while the song is nearly 6 minutes long.
I have even heard several DJs playing the cut version in clubs, a was deeply disappointed;
If any DJs are reading this – do your dancers and listeners a big favor, and get your hands on the full, 05:58 minute long, version, and do not play the truncated one, as many things are missing there!

And now, for the songs itself…

04.07.14 : La Nova Tradicional – Vente Negra

Good day everybody!

Sorry for not posting the previous Friday – I was in the amazing 5th Festival Internacional De Guaguanco in Lloret De Mar, Spain.

The festival was wonderful; 4 days of very interesting workshops, great parties with Timba, Son and Rumba music, concerts 3 out of 4 nights, and plenty of very nice people from Europe and other countries which by majority are amazing dancers.


Having no workshops on Monday morning, I decided to stay ’till the end of the closing party on Sunday night (at other nights I went to sleep around 4 AM, to wake up on time for breakfast and workshops…) .

Around 05:30 AM, the last song was played;
It was a wonderful modern Son composition called “Vente Negra” by La Nova Tradicional .

It was a great pleasure to end this terrific festival dancing Son with a talented & beautiful Polish dancer named Katarzyna, and I will definitely be recalling my host of great experiences from the festival whenever I’ll hear this song.

Disfruten !