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26.07.13 : Pualito FG live at the Los Van Van 28th anniversary !

Good day my friends!

Today I bring you a rare, even a bit private recording; In this video, the young, not that well known yet meteorically rising, Paulito FG, sings with his band at the 28th anniversary of the amazing Los Van Van !

Paulito’s masterful improvisation skill can be clearly heard here, and it is a ton of fun…

If you don’t know much about Paulito, visit this previous post of mine:

Well, here is the video! disfruten!

19.07.13 : Interview with Maykel Blanco, from Copenhagen !

Hello everybody!

Today I present you something recently published by Michelle, known as “la Timbera Mayor”, one of the most influential and knowledgeable figures in Timba, a long time fan and a writer for .

She filmed this interview with Maykel and his band, la Salsa Mayor, after a wonderful concert they gave at Søpavillonen, as a part of their European tour.

Very interesting indeed!

If you want to know a bit more about this great band, follow this link:

And here it is, the fresh interview!


12.07.13 : Adalberto Alvarez en Venezuela !

Good day all!

Today I present you a gem I discovered not so long ago… a full, 1.5 hours long, live concert of Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son, from 2007 at Caracas, Venezuela !

The concert is amazing, with the pure, raw power of Cuban music at its brightest.

If you don’t know who’s Adalberto Alvarez, check out this post:


05.07.13 : Yunior Terry y Su Son De Altura – Dr. De Madrugada

Good day folks!
Today I present you a very nice, Cuban lead, band from the city of New York, USA.

Yunior Terry, the youngest son of the well known “los Terry’s” musical family from Cuba, is considered one of the best bass players and one of the most promising musicians of New York’s vibrant Latin music scene.
He is known for his versatility of playing style, and contagious ritmo his music always has.

Terry has been playing since the age of 7; in 1994 he graduated from Habana’s top musical school, the ENA, and played for 4 years with the Cuban national philharmonic orchestra.
In 1998 he moved to California, graduating from the CalArt institute with honors in 2002, a period of time during which he came in contact with various musical styles and cultures from all over the world.

In 2012 the album “Mi Bajo Danzon” of Terry and his band, Son De Altura, hit the market, and became quite a hit, being made in the best traditions of Latin music, carrying a diverse repertuare of music, ranging from Danzon and Cha Cha to Timba and Jazz.

The song I present you today is a very nice Timba composition called Dr De Madrugada.