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27.04.18 : Son del Nene – El Jamaikino

Good day dear blog followers, listeners and readers.

Today we shall enjoy a fine Son Montuno composition by Son del Nene;
Although many would expect a band from Santiago de Cuba, el Nene and his group are actually Habaneros.

Pedtiro Lugo started singing in family gathering and just throughout daily life in an early age.
By 14 he was already singing in various Rumba gathering and street parties, and also studied percussion.
Several years later, luck shined for Pedro – he was spotted singing by the great Miguelito Cuni, and invited to sing with Conjunto Chapotin, with whom he performed all over Cuba for 5 years.

After that el Nene sang with Conjunto Rumba Clave y Guaguanco, Conjunto Cubavana and in 1995 founded Los Jovenes Clasicos del Son.
Since 2006 and to this day, he leads his own septeto, “Son del Nene”, playing traditional Cuban music such as Son, Rumba, Bolero, Guaracha and conga, among others.
The group produced a CD\DVD called “mi deseo” in 2008, toured many countries with concerts, including The UK, Peru, Venezuela, Brasil, Austria, Mexico, among others.
The group has released 3 albums so far – “Lo mejor del Nene”, “Baila y Goza” and “Me Faltabas Tu”; Today’s song is from Baila y Goza, and is a very nice Son Montuno.

¡Disfruta la musica Cubana!

20.04.18 : Pachito Alonso y su Kini Kini – Manantial

Good day dear blog readers, listeners and followers.

Today we shall go back 30 years, and familiarize ourselves with an orchestra of a legendary Cuban musician, which still performs today with great success – Pachito Alonso y su Kini Kini !

Longino Rey Alonso Castillo, mostly known as Pachito Alonso, was born January 6th 1955, and is the son of great Cuban musician Pacho Alonso, creator of the Pilon rhythm, among other achievements.

Pachito studied piano since an early age, and founded his first band at only 11 years of age.
By 18 he was already a member of his fathers band, and by 23 became the musical director.
Pachos band was the first Cuban ensemble to be signed up by a European recording label, during their 1979 tour in Spain.

3 years later, in 1982, Pacho passed away, and Pachito became the director, manager and band leader, with the band being renamed Pachito Alonso y su Kini Kini.
Their first album, Por eso estoy parao, came out in 1983, and since then 14 more have come out (the latest this year – 2018s “Llego mi Musica”), during over 35 years of making great Cuban music.

During this time the band has answered the call of Timba, and since the early 1990s great many talented and well known Timba musicians have passed through its doors, including Roberton, Lele, Lazarito Valdez, Tirso Duarte and Vania Borges.

Today’s wonderful composition is a one of my favorites, from the 2000 album Traigo te Traigo, and is called Manantial.

A good friend of mine informed me that this is a cover;
The original version of this song came out 20 years before, in Venezuela… so I suppose that Pachito was familiar with it from the days of his early career.
So interesting! thank you Jozef!

So, here it is… ¡sigue disfrutando la musica Cubana!

13.04.18 : Septeto Acarey y Maia – Fragil

Good day dear blog readers, followers, listeners ¡y todos los amantes de la musica Cubana!

Have you ever been in a situation when something good comes at a bad timing?
Or, have you ever wondered “why didn’t this happen before, but had to materialize right now?”

Well, this is the silver lining passing throughout today’s song, a beautiful and romantic Son Montuno composition by Septeto Acarey, featuring the vocalist Maia.

“…one more step, and I trip…”, goes the last line of the cuerpo section before we get into the coros and the montuno \ estribillo part of the song…

So, let’s listen ourselves, shouldn’t we?
Oh, and if you feel like doing so, turn on the volume, stand up, grab your partner (or a wooden chair, as the rock’n’roll classic states 😉 ) and dance!

Decembre 2018 update:
The official video clip for the song has been released!

… y no se olviden… ¡ siguen disfrutando la musica Cubana ! …

06.04.18 : Tumbao Habana – Mambo Duro

Good day dear friends, readers, listeners and blog followers.

Today we shall enjoy one of the best songs of the band Tumbao Habana, which although short, is quite interesting.

Besides being a nice song overall, it has a feature of sorts which one does not often find – a tempo change between the 2 main structural parts of the song.
There are only a handful of those out there, and I find this element to be quite enjoyable, both as a listener and a dancer;
As a DJ, it is always interesting to see the looks on the faces of the dancers when they realize what’s going on 🙂

So, here it is (song starts at ~00:33, but the clip is quite nice on its own, in my opinion, at least).