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24.04.15 : Timbason la Original live !

Good morning dear readers!

Today I’m glad to present you an interesting band from the USA named Timbason.
The name stands for what the band does, quite literally, as the band leader, Jose Lorenzo Reyna, defines it… a mix of Cuban traditional and modern music, 50/50.
The band has 11 members, and has recorded both Cuban classics and original material.

This clip is from a live performance, interpreting the classic “Bilongo”.


17.04.15 : Septeto Santiaguero y el Canario – Hay Un Run Run

Good day dear readers.

Today I’m glad to share a wonderful newly released Son composition by Septeto Santiaguero with the singer Jose Alberto “el canario”.
This track, Hay Un Run Run, is a modern Son composition, even including an a Capella part in the middle.

The track is a part of the “tributo a los compadres”, an album made in tribute to the band “los compadres” active from 1949 to 1983, creating all kinds of traditional Cuban music and working with some of the most prominent artists of the day (such as conjuno Matamotos and Benny More).

The project also includes embellishments in the form of guest musicians from Cuba and other countries appearing on some of the tracks.
These include Tiburon Morales, Compay Segundo and Aymee Nuviola from Cuba, Jose Alberto “el canario” from the Dominican Republic, Oscar De Leon from Venezuela, Andy Montanez and Ismael Miranda from Puerto Rico.


10.04.15 : La Bola – Esa Mujer live !

Good day dear readers!

Today I’m very glad to share with you a very rare and beautiful gem, a live recording of the wonderful group La Bola, a Timba ensemble of Cuban and non Cuban musicians from New York, USA.

It’s a gem not only due to their great quality of playing, but also due to the fact that such recordings are very difficult to find (for this clip I wish to thank SALAYTIMBAMISELLO), and the group also released only 1 album before the members each went their separate ways.

This recording is from the el Turquino club at centro Habana, and is an interpretation of the wonderful romantic classic, esa mujer.


03.04.15 : Orquesta Reve – No Le Pegues Con el Pie

Good day dear readers!

Being not only good advice in general (the title of the song 🙂 ), the song I’m glad to present you today by Elito Reve y Su Charangon, from the 2008 fresquesito album, is quite an interesting one.

Orquesta Reve is well known for making Timba heavily influenced by Changui, an old form of Cuban country music coming from the Oriente region in eastern Cuba, an ancestor of Son, which is the most direct forefather of all Salsa music.

But, at times Cuban orchestras “stray away” from the pure Timba format, and make such interesting compositions as this one…
As funny as it might sound to say, this song is “Meren-Timba”, or even one might say “Timba con Merengue y Bembe”, and offers humor, rhythm and some Orisha lore all in one nice package!

So, I hope you’ll enjoy listening and dancing to this fine track,
Disfruten !