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27.01.17 : Orquesta D’Talle – Algo Anda Mal

Good day dear readers, listeners and blog followers!

Today I present you a very nice Timba composition by Orquesta D’Talle, one of several Timba groups made only of women!

This fine band released only 1 album as far as I know, called “de la salsa Cubana”, and this took place in 1999.
Since then the band moved to Vancouver, Canada and has released several singles over the years, but none of them became a full album.

Anyways, the few compositions that we do have are wonderful, including the one I chose for today, called “Algo Anda Mal”.


20.01.17 : Altibajo Latin Son – De Amarte Mas

Good day dear blog followers, readers and listeners!

Today I present you a very nice composition by yet another Colombian group, this time Altibajo Latin Son from Bucaramanga, Colombia.
Founded in 2006 by singer, guitarist and composer Victor Carreño, the group makes Colombian, Antillan, Caribbean and Afro Cuban music in a Sexteto format, with vocals, bass, timbalero, conguero, saxophone & trumpet players and even a Tresero!

In December 2016 the group released their first album, De Amarte Mas, who’s title track I present you today, as it is in my opinion very nice and full of Sabor Cubano!


13.01.17 : Xiomara Laugart – Un Amor Asi

Good day dear readers, listeners and blog followers!

Today I present you a fine Timba composition by an artist mostly known in the genre of La Nueva Trova and political song – Xiomara Laugart.

Starting her musical career in 1979, participating in the Red Dianthus political song festival in Berlin.
A year later she won the 3rd place in the prestigious Concurso Adolfo Guzman de Musica Cubana in Cuba, and 2 years later took 3rd place in the Red Dianthus, which on that year took place in Sochi, USSR.
Over the years Xiomara had been a member of several music ensembles, traveled to Europe, Africa and various countries of the Caribbean, performed with such notable figures as Pablo Milanes and Silvio Rodriguez, and even participated in the films Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights and Paraíso Bajo las Estrellas .

Over the years Xiomara produced 17 albums, with the song presented today being from the 2010 album “Que Manera de Quererte”.


06.01.17 : Grupo Chevere – Dos Amores

Good day dear blog followers, readers and listeners… welcome to the first post of 2017 !

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon quite a nice, newly released, salsa romantica by Japanese ex funk, and nowadays, salsa, vocalist Amy Akaoka.

This song is nice on its own, and I enjoyed listening to it, but it lacks the unique sound found in Cuban music made in Cuba (or by a few talented bands outside Cuba… most of which have at least 1 Cuban musician among their members…), both old and new.

Anyways, I recalled that some time ago I dedicated a blog post to the 25th anniversary of Japan’s only (yet very creative and talented) Timba \ Cuban music band, Grupo Chévere.
I also remembered that despite releasing several albums during this time period, the band is little known by Timba fans, especially outside Japan, and very few materials, if any, are available on youtube.

So, it was quite a nice surprise to see that one of their songs from “Chéverelax” was recently uploaded… and just like the one mentioned in the beginning of the post, it’s a romantic one, yet this time around a Timba.