07.11.14 : El Nino y La Verdad – La Verdad

Good day dear readers!

Today I wish yo present a new orchestra made of some old and some new talents; El Nino y La Verdad.

The band was formed in 2013 by Emilio Frias “el nino del charangon”, once the youngest lead singer of Orquesta Reve together with “Pachi Jr”, son of legendary compositor and band leader Wilfredo “el Pachi” Naranjo, and were soon joined by another Reve member, Pascual Matos, and ex Manolito y Su Trabuco bassist, Roberto “Chino” Vazquez.

The band quickly became quite popular due to the strong lineup and interesting compositions, ranging from Son to Mozambique to Abakua and Orisha chants all mixed together into marvelous and hard hitting Timba.

Be sure to catch them at the Friday matinee at the casa de la musica in Miramar if you are in Habana!