20.12.12 : Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son – La Tercera Historia

Good evening!
In this post, 1st of many to come on a weekly basis, I am glad to introduce to you this beautiful song of the Son genre by el cabaliero del son (as he is nicknamed by many around the world), Adalberto Alvarez.

Adalberto is a pianist, a composer, a songwriter and the band leader of one of the top bands in Cuba.

Starting his career during the 70’s with the legendary group “Son 14”, Adalberto is well known for his witty lyrics, catchy grooves and a very elegant style which stays modern and innovative, not loosing its relevance to contemporary audiences.

His retention of the great musical traditions of the Cuban son, and the elegance of his musical style have led to Adalberto being “knighted” by the audiences to the status of “el cabaliero del son”, with “cabaliero” translating from Spanish as both “knight” and “gentleman”.

If you have some spare time and curiosity, you can read a quite full biography of Adalberto’s musical career here.