06.04.18 : Tumbao Habana – Mambo Duro

Good day dear friends, readers, listeners and blog followers.

Today we shall enjoy one of the best songs of the band Tumbao Habana, which although short, is quite interesting.

Besides being a nice song overall, it has a feature of sorts which one does not often find – a tempo change between the 2 main structural parts of the song.
There are only a handful of those out there, and I find this element to be quite enjoyable, both as a listener and a dancer;
As a DJ, it is always interesting to see the looks on the faces of the dancers when they realize what’s going on 🙂

So, here it is (song starts at ~00:33, but the clip is quite nice on its own, in my opinion, at least).

1 thought on “06.04.18 : Tumbao Habana – Mambo Duro

  1. Kiki Sire

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