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30.01.15 : Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son – La Falta De Ortografia

Good afternoon dear readers!

Is grammar important? I think it is, and apparently Adalberto Alvarez is in complete accord with me on this thought, and even composed a song about it !

This is the song for this week, a song about how spelling errors, and lack of knowledge in general, can turn you off…

This great song is from the 2010 album “El Son De Altura”; So, paraphrasing the ending “y yo les dejo con la cancion, y no se la escriben con ka!”


23.01.15 : NG La Banda live at palacio de la salsa, 1996 !

Good day dear readers and blog followers !

Today I’m glad to present you a wonderful concert of NG La Banda, the group credited with making Timba a standalone genre, from the palacio de la salsa in Habana from 1996.

The band plays some of their best songs from these days.
Also, one can clearly hear the difference between the “studio versions” of songs and them being performed live.

I just love it – for me there is nothing like dancing to the wonderful plethora of Afro Cuban sounds live, almost as one with the musicians, which are only a short distance away, on the stage, or as it often happens, on the floor with the people.
For me, this is a great part of the whole phenomenon of Cuban music and Casino dancing.

Disfruten !

16.01.15 : Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son – Camina y Prende el Fogon

Good day dear readers!

There is a reason why the call Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son that way; Adalberto and his band specialize in Son music, which is the basis of all salsa in existence.
This band also often has some traditional instruments not by others, such as the Tress guitar, which is a defining characteristic of Son music and of many “old school” pieces.

Camina y Prende el Fogon is a classic Son composition, originally by Arsenio Rodriguez,  Chappotin and Miguelito Cuni.
Adalberto and his band give it a fresh, more modern interpretation, but still stay true to the origin, thus respecting and paying homage to this wonderful piece of Cuban music.


Happy new 2015 !

Good day dear readers and blog followers!

Feliz Ano Nuevo !

С Новым Годом !

Happy New Year !

I wish a great, happy and prosperous new year to all of you, full of love, health, success and happiness !
I hope that during this new year you will get to know plenty of great music only of the highest quality, and maybe even dance some Cuban dance to its sounds;
I will try and do my best to keep introducing interesting music, so keep following on a weekly basis 🙂

So, for today we have a nice little new year’s Reggaeton with with elements of Conga by Arnaldo y Su Talisman.

Disfruten, have fun !