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28.03.14 : Ache Cubano – A Donde Vas

Good afternoon, mis amigos!

Today I wish to present you a nice Cuban band from Groningen, Netherlands.
As defined by the band’s leader, Cuban Ommis Bonet, the group’s mission is spreading the diversity and tradition of Cuban music in Europe and the rest of the world.

Although having the music of the Buena Vista Social Club as their base, the group plays various mixes of Son, Rumba, Mambo, Son Montuno and Timba.

The band was formed in 2008, and since then played in several music festivals and many venues across Europe, including the Netherlands, Germany and Bosnia.

The band consists of 8 members, which play the piano, bass, congas, maracas, bongos & campana, 2 trumpets and lead vocalist, with some of the musicians serving as the back vocals.

The song I present here today is a nice and romantic Son composition called “A Donde Vas”.
I do recommend everybody to stay tuned for the presentation of the band’s first CD, “Andar La Habana”, which comes out on April 19th!


21.03.14 : La Nova Tradicional – El Rayo

Greetings dear readers!

Today I would like to present you a very Son trio from Barcelona, Spain.
La nova tradicional was formed in summer 2009, and originally consisted of 3 Cuban musicians: tresero Yuri Olay, percussionist Carlitos Reyes, and Bassist Robin Reyes.
The band was later joined by vocalists Mane Ferret and Dono Arango.
The band sees its mission as spreading the wonder of traditional Cuban music (Son, Bolero, Danzon, Habanera etc.,) in Europe and the rest of the world.

This song, “El Rayo”, is a nice Son composition of their first album which goes by the same name.


14.03.14 : Mixael Cabrera y su TimBarcelona – Llego Lo Que Te Gusta

Good evening folks!

Today I wish to present you a rather new band (founded in August 2013) called Mixael Cabrera y su TimBarcelona, from Barcelona, Spain.
The band is made of talented, young Cuban musicians living in Barcelona, with a passion for Afro Cuban and general Latin music.

They write, compose and play in many genres of Cuban music with the main being, to our joy, Timba Cubana!

Here is the title track of their 1st CD, which I liked quite a lot – “llego lo que te gusta”… hope you’ll like it as well!


07.03.14 – Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son – Piedras en el Rio

¡Buenos dias a todas las fanaticas de la musica Cubana!

Today I would like to present you a very nice song from Adalberto’s latest album,  Respeto Pa’ los Mayores, which came out at 2013.

The song I present you today is a romantic modern Son composition, and a personal favorite of mine.

It is called “piedras en el rio”, and I hope que ustedes van a disfrutar la mucho!