23.12.16 : Sixto Llorente – Ya No Hace Falta

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Today we shall enjoy a timba classic, originally by Bamboleo, but performed by a different, yet not any less wonderful, artist.

Sixto Llorente Terry, most well known as “el Indio”, is a true Sonero singer that started his professional career in his home town of Santa Clara in 1973.
He started by performing traditional Cuban music such as Son, Guajira, Cha Cha and others, later also expanding his repertoire to more contemporary genres such as Songo, and later on, Timba.
Together with Orquesta Aliamen he participated in various music festivals throughout the country, such as the “Adolfo Guzmán” festival, “Festival del Cha Cha Cha, “Creador Musical”, “Al Son de Mayarí” and the “Benny Moré” festival, where he received the Grand Prix.

This wonderful singer is a great example of a talent in high demand, and has worked with many leading groups such as Manolito y Su Trabuco, Tumbao Habana, Pupy y LQSS, Habana de Primera, Mamborama, Azucar Negra and in recent years, the grand Orquesta Reve.
He also won a Latin Grammy in 2001.
In march 2010, el Indio founded his own group, Son del Indio, which since then has released the CDs Lo que Sucede Conviene and Caminanado Voy.

Today we shall enjoy the wonderful timba classic “Ya No Hace Falta” which el Indio performed with Las Nuevas Estrellas de Areito in 2001.


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