30.12.16: top 6 Timbas you might have missed in 2016 !

Good day dear readers, listeners and blog followers!

Happy new year, merry Christmas and and other holiday you might be celebrating at this time of the year 🙂

Today I share 6 great Timba compositions not covered in my blog that you might have missed during 2016.

So, give them a try…

The songs are not listed in any specific order, nether chronological or otherwise.

*Clave Cubana Timbera – Somos

Clave Cubana Timbera is a band of Cuban musicians living in Argentina.
After playing traditional Cuban music for years, they decided that it is high time to step into the Timba era!
Somos is the title track of their album, and a fine composition on its own, starting out slow and picking up energy at a steady pace until a great explosion del momento 🙂

*Orquesta Reve – Cachita

Although it hasn’t yet come out as an album, Orquesta Reve released some wonderful songs for their 60th anniversary, including this great composition, which is a Timba infused with ritmo Pilon, one of the first musical styles to emerge in post revolutionary Cuba during the 1960’s…

A new, and very beautiful, clip has been released for this song in June 2017…

*Robert Armas y Los Conquistadores de la Salsa – La Timba la Traigo Yo

As a promo for their album of the same name, Robert Armas y Los Conquistadores de la Salsa released a very nice composition called La Timba la Traigo Yo… and he sure does!
With a driving beat and mambos, Robert and his band can surely say “tu sabes como vengo? conquistando!”

*Pupy y Los Que Son Son – 15 Años

Oh, how fast time goes by… one can think that only yesterday Cesar “el pupy” Pedroso left Los Van Van to pursue a solo career with his own band… but this was 15 years ago!
October 4th 2001… on this day Los Que Son Son was founded by Pupy!
So, to mark this occasion, the band released an “auto-chronology” composition called “15 Años”.
And those sure were great 15 years of artistic creation (some of the highlights of which are mentioned throughout the song) !

*Maikel Dinza y Los Soneros de la Joventud – De Igual a Igual

The year 2016 saw the release of several cover version to great classics by Los Van Van, both by the great band itself and other artists.
A little known cover was released earlier this year by Maikel Dinza y Los Soneros de la Juventud, and it is for the wonderful De Igual a Igual, from Van Van’s 1996 ¡Ay Dios, ampárame!
Sounds quite different from the original, but still interesting a well performed, in my opinion…

*Angelito Ramirez y el Tren Bala – Bata Ya

Last but certainly not least, is a song from former Mayimbe’s singer, Angelito Ramirez and his band “el Tren Bala”, who released a mostly well made album called “Mi Historia” earlier this year.
It has some better known Timba hits such as “Amigo de Que” and “Mi Historia”, which were released before the album as promos, becoming dance floor favorites long before the release of the album… but it also has some less well know, but not any less well written and performed, compositions, such as the one before you here!
For the Spanish speakers among us, take note of the lyrics found on this album.

Well, here they are… 6 great Timbas you could have easily missed this year… so I hope that this will teach us all to be a bit more diligent in 2017, and look deeper into things 🙂

¡Disfruten el año que viene!

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