26.02.16 : Changito – Ritmo Ruso

Good day dear readers and blog followers.

The more veteran readers among you will most probably recognize the song I present you today, as it has been a part of this blog for over 2 years now.

The song for today is Ritmo Ruso.
But, it is not performed here by the original artist, Cuba Jam… or is it?
Well, the thing is, Grupo Changito is a 6 member musical group of all Cuban members, performing mostly traditional Cuban music.
They are based at the studios of Ritmo Productions in Leningrad, Russia, and have been touring Russia and the near abroad for several year now.

So, why did I mention that the song is, at the same time, performed and not performed by the original artist?
That is because the vocalist and guirero of this group, Boris Hecha, is also the author of “ritmo Ruso”, and a founding member of Cuba Jam!

So, here is the song, from a performance at the “waiting hall” club in Russia.

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