19.02.16 : Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son – Conocela Bien Primero

Good day dear readers, listeners and blog followers!

As you all probably know, I love Cuban music.
Some songs I like more thanks to their driving and interestingly syncopated polyrhythmics, some due to catchy melodies, while others because of clever and well written lyrics.
With Adalbero Alvarez, the eternal and very talented Caballero del Son, I suppose that all the above reasons apply, but for this particular songs, the lyrics were what caught my eye… ear… whatever!

From the first lines of the cuerpo, although, naturally, not getting a medical diagnosis, we encounter a funny situation – the singer wakes up after a steamy night with a girl he met, and finds out that she’s a kleptomaniac!
Well, we don’t get to hear that stated directly, but the girl definitely likes “taking souvenirs” from homes and other places she visits!

The song then goes on and on about what happens if this “nice lady” visits other places, cities and other Latin musicians (such as Papo Lucca and Sonora Poncena), including the consequences, such as calling 911!

Finally, the song mentions a very interesting thought: “conocela bien primero, enamorate despues”, meaning “get to know her well first, fall in love with her later”.
Ahh… if this always was the case, life would be much easier, eh?

Anyways, here is the song.

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