10.07.15 : Los Karachi – Pero Que Necesidad

Good day dear readers.

Today I wish to present a wonderful group from Cuba with a romantic yet quite uptempo track with great drive and rhythm!

The song is called “pero que necesidad”, and is from the 1996 album “Senores Bailen Con…” by Los Karachi from Santiago de Cuba.

The band was formed in 1976 by saxophone played Pablo Moya, and started with 6 musicians in total, thus becoming known as “los 6 de Cuba”.
The band started with more traditional Cuban music, but during the “Timba revolution” of the late 1980’s and 1990’s, joined the artistic spring and updated their line up with lots of percussion, back vocals and more horns.

As we can hear in the track below, when playing “musica popular bailable” (such as Son and Timba), the band has a very lively and vivid characteristic unique style of playing.
Since the early 1990’s Los Karachi traveled the world, performing in Germany, Italy, Canada, Panama, Ecuador, Angola, San tome y principe, Mozambique, Nicaragua and other countries.
Currently the band operates in Mexico, and is preparing a whole new album to be released soon.


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