17.07.15 : Paulito FG – Dejaria Todo

Good day dear readers and listeners!

Today I’m glad to present you a fine, romantic, but still very rhythmic and powerful Timba composition by Paulito FG, from his wonderful 2000 album “Una Vez Mas…Por Amor”.

Like some other great bands such as Elio Reve and Su Charangon or La Charanga Habanera, Paulito FG is a major figure in the history of modern Cuban music, and just like those other bands, had 3 “breakthrough” albums which skyrocketed him to the top places in the music charts.
In the case of Paulito, these are the 1993 “Tu No Me Calculas”, the 1996 “El Bueno Soy Yo” and the 1997 “Con La Conciencia Tranquila”, which is considered one of the best Timba albums of all time, and rightfully so.
Paulito has a rather less well known album which is as much genius as the other listed – the 1995 “Sofocandote”, which has a few pretty well known hits in it, such as “Ina“.

Anyhow, up to recent years (during which we see some venturing into other genres beside Timba) each and every album by Paulito was upright ingenious, and full of masterpiece compositions, like the one I present you today.

This composition is from the 2000 album “Una Vez Mas… Por Amor”, and directly continues the line established in previous albums.

Personally, I think that all real Afro-Cuban music excels at providing a strong rhythmic element, regardless of whether it provides as much in the departments of lyrics, composition, melody, harmony and arrangement, which it surely does most of the time.
So, I believe it is quite foolish that some people believe that romantic salsa compositions should be “the Latin version” of the western balada; this opinion has absolutely nothing to do with reality.
Afro-Cuban music, whether romantic or not, should, in my opinion, sound like the song discussed in this post…

So, here it is… Disfruten!

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