03.07.15 : Orquesta Reve – La Boda En Bicicleta

Good day dear friends!

Recently, a friend of mine tried identifying a song he heard at the Guaguanco Festival, but to no avail.
The recording quality was quite bad, so it took some time and more friends, but eventually the song was identified as the Reve 1986 classic presented here today.

During the 1980’s Orquesta Reve made a huge comeback into the mainstream of Cuban music, with 3 very influential albums, Rumberos Latinoamericanos (1985), La Explosion del Momento (1987) and Que Cuento es Eso (1988), containing many modern classics that will later have much influence on Timba.

The song also came to my mind as 2 good friends of mine got married recently.


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