26.06.15 : Los Van Van – Si Una Mamita live !

Good day dear readers!

Returning from the wonderful (6th) Guaguanco Festival, which was simply amazing (I wholeheartedly recommend each and every fan of Cuban music and dancing to attend next year), I remembered that a few songs were played almost at every party (there were different DJs).

These include La bailarina and La Venenosa by Havana de Primera, Charanga Habanera’s el Temba, some Timba classics by Manolin (like Ya Se Que Sabes De Mi) and some stuff my Los Van Van like Soy Todo and our song for today, Si Una Mamita.

The version played was mostly not the original one, from 1979, but rather a live version, from the 2008 Aqui el Que Baila Gana 40th anniversary concert, which was released as a DVD.

The song is an almost 7 minute masterpiece, which I can highly recommend DJs all over to play.


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