27.04.18 : Son del Nene – El Jamaikino

Good day dear blog followers, listeners and readers.

Today we shall enjoy a fine Son Montuno composition by Son del Nene;
Although many would expect a band from Santiago de Cuba, el Nene and his group are actually Habaneros.

Pedtiro Lugo started singing in family gathering and just throughout daily life in an early age.
By 14 he was already singing in various Rumba gathering and street parties, and also studied percussion.
Several years later, luck shined for Pedro – he was spotted singing by the great Miguelito Cuni, and invited to sing with Conjunto Chapotin, with whom he performed all over Cuba for 5 years.

After that el Nene sang with Conjunto Rumba Clave y Guaguanco, Conjunto Cubavana and in 1995 founded Los Jovenes Clasicos del Son.
Since 2006 and to this day, he leads his own septeto, “Son del Nene”, playing traditional Cuban music such as Son, Rumba, Bolero, Guaracha and conga, among others.
The group produced a CD\DVD called “mi deseo” in 2008, toured many countries with concerts, including The UK, Peru, Venezuela, Brasil, Austria, Mexico, among others.
The group has released 3 albums so far – “Lo mejor del Nene”, “Baila y Goza” and “Me Faltabas Tu”; Today’s song is from Baila y Goza, and is a very nice Son Montuno.

¡Disfruta la musica Cubana!

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