17.02.17 : Michel Robles y el Sello – Mejor Solo Que Mal Acompañado

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This week brought us the yearly fest of lovers (and shopkeepers 😉 ) all over the world – “Valentine’s”, the day of saint Valentine, also known as el dia the los enamorados.

As it is also known, not everybody has yet found their perfect mate, and many had (or preferred) to spend this day on their own, as singles.
Some places (like China) have already turned that into a gold mine as “singles’ day“, which brings us to today’s song, as this Cuban young man, although nowadays married in Peru, goes along this lines, claiming “¿para que el amor? para que el dolor? pa’ que me voy enamorar, si soltero me goza mejor?”

Michel Robles Ramos was born in La Habana in 1983, and has been singing for his whole life, professionally since the age of 15.
Having moved to Peru in 2000, Michel has been working with Robert Armas as one of the main vocalists of Los Conquistadores de la Salsa for over 8 years.
In 2009 Michel started forming his own project, with a band coming together in 2011, thus giving birth to “Michel Robles y el Sello”.
The band creates Timba and salsa using various Cuban rhythms, but also makes other music such as pop and ballads.
2 albums have been released by the band, called “la bomba que tengo”, which came out in late 2014, and “Mejor Solo Que Mal Acompañado”, which saw the light of day last march.

Today’s song is from Michel’s 2nd album, and deal with the topic of love, or more precisely, with the advantages of being single as compared to falling in love and getting into a relationships.
Some may agree, some may not, but all should be having a great time dancing Casino socially when this song gets played;

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