10.02.17 : NG La Banda y Yeni Valdez – Acorralada, Negrita Fina & Veneno

Good day dear readers, listeners and blog followers.

If you are fans of Timba or Cuban music in general, you must have probably heard of the departure of Yeni Valdez from Los Van Van due to personal reasons.

This is quite sad for us music fans, but love always comes first… such is life!

You most probably know Yeni as the wonderful lead singer of Los Van Van… but did you know that her big break into the world of primera linea Timba came before that?
Actually, Yeni started her career in the big league with NG La Banda, as a new lead singer on their 1997 Album Veneno.
Yeni sings on the title track, on Acorralada and on Negrita Fina.

So for today we have not one clip but two new ones, never appearing on this blog before!
And here they are… Disfruten!


3 thoughts on “10.02.17 : NG La Banda y Yeni Valdez – Acorralada, Negrita Fina & Veneno

  1. Yaron Kaplan

    When I saw her at the Los Van Van performance in Tel Aviv, she looked pretty unhappy and uninterested.

    Actually I didn’t enjoy the show much. They didn’t play any songs I knew.. and it was tiring – epsecially the end where they had very very long songs.. the nicest thing about that show is that I can now tell that I’ve been in a Los Van Van performance.


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