01.07.16 : Orquesta Reve – Que el Sol Salga

Good day dear readers and blog followers!

Today I am glad to present you with a new and very nice song by Orquesta Reve, which came out last week, as a part of the orquesta’s 60th anniversary celebration.

The song is called “que el sol salga”, and starts off with a mostly vocal intro, and really begins roughly on 00:42, with the wonderful voice of Sesel “la China”, one of the talents the orquesta acquired in recent years, and no doubt adds a lot to their sound.

So, if you like good music and sunny days, this song is for you 🙂
(oh, and don’t miss the “P.S” below! its content will surely be of value to any reader of this blog and other lovers of Cuban music & dancing!)

El Sol is also the name of an amazing salsa festival which will take place on November 10-14 2016, in Warsaw (Poland), and will feature a concert of this wonderful band on the opening night and a Los Van Van concert on the 2nd night (and also 2 more parties, 3 days of workshops with some of the best Cuban and non Cuban teachers, etc…) .
It so happens to be that I’m a promoter for the festival, so it is in my power to grant discounts on the various festival participation tickets sold…
So, if you wish to have a great weekend in Europe with 2 of the best Cuban & Latin music bands in the world, feel free to contact me here, on facebook, and we’ll arrange you discounted passes.

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