24.06.16 : Havana de Primera – Siempre Si

Good day dear readers and blog followers!

Returning from the amazing and wonderful 7th international Festival de Guaguanco, I was recalling some of the songs played throughout the festival.
There were a few ever present and common once, with the most played (literally every party, by every dj) being the powerful and lyrical Rosa la Peligrosa by Alexander Abreu y Su Havana de Primera.

A close 2nd place also goes to another song by the same group, and it’s Alexander’s latest hit, this time on the more romantic (and even more lyrical then usual) side, called Siempre Si.

I enjoyed the song a lot, dancing to it with some wonderful partners during the festival, and also am enjoying it on my computer and phone ever since it came out.

Certainly hope you will like it as well,

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