08.01.16 : Havana De Primera – Plato de Segunda Mesa

Good day dear readers and blog followers.

Last night, while driving home from a wonderful Cuban party, I was listening to Cuban music on my car’s CD player radio device (as I always do).

The first song that came up was the song I gladly present you today, by the wonderful Havana de Primera.

The songs is the 2nd one from the list above, which is the back side of the disc box for “Pasaporte”, the 2nd album of Alexander Abreu’s amazing band.

This song implements a very interesting technique, which is not uncommon in contemporary Cuban music.
It starts as a slower paced romantic, Son like, composition, but unlike most “salsa romantica” made outside of Cuba, which is often a complete (and often commercialized, westernized pop sung in Spanish…) bore, it quickly develops into an energetic, hard hitting, Timba, full of Cuban roots, high energy levels and improvisation.
That’s much more like it!

So, here’s today’s masterpiece,

This is a live version:

And here’s the studio version:

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