11.03.16 : Mayimbe – Lo Que Te Gusta a Ti

Good day dear readers and blog followers!

Nowadays there are much hype and buzz about the new disc which just came out… which unfortunately means that most people have forgotten the “oldest”, and no doubt, best disc which Orquesta Mayimbe made… De La Habana a Peru!

It is quite unfortunate, IMO, that people make so much noise about something new simply because it is new… it’s not because it is of better quality, more interesting etc., it’s just because it’s new… that’s definitely no reason to forget the older stuff, especially if that stuff is much much better compared to the newly released.

The song I present today is exactly such a case.
The group’s 1st disc was just a little short of genius, and was the driving force behind the group’s international acclaim and rise to fame.
And unlike most “intro” numbers bands play at concerts, which mostly contain a sequence of solos from each and every musician in no particular order, “lo que te gusta a ti”, also known as “intro del Mayimbe” and “llego Mayimbe”, is a standalone masterpiece.

I choose to share a live version of this wonderful composition, but one can hear the album version here.


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