14.02.13 : Dan Den – Corazon De Leon

Good evening folks!
I know that many are getting ready for the Valentine’s day celebrations, and so am I (I’m DJying tonight at a voluntary salsa venue…), so I’ll try to keep it short and smooth, with a fine romantic track for you to enjoy tonight.

The band I will tell you about today is Dan Den.
Worried that his level of creativity could be restricted as arranger in Orquesta Reve, Juan Carlos Alfonso, the ingenious pianist of the band during the 80’s, decides leaving the orquesta to form his own group in 1988.

The band’s career started at a mega live concert at the “Las Charangas de Bejucal” traditional music festival which took place during December of the same year, with the band bringing classical standard tracks up to date with modern interpretations and instrumentation.
Audio tape recordings of the concerts passed hundreds of thousands of hands, and their 1st album “Siempre Hay Un Ojo Que Te Ve”, which came out in 1990, was a best seller, hitting the top of the charts.

Since then the band released over 10 albums, with music ranging from classics to groovy Timba, cleverly incorporating everything from Son and Bolero to Jazz and Funk into an ever smooth blend of old and new, releasing new tracks every now and then.

Although the band is much more famous for making hard hitting, high energy Timba, the song I present here, “Corazon De Leon”, represents their softer and more romantic side, which is a bit less known, but as dominant as the previous one mentioned, especially as time goes by…
It appears in the “Dale Campana” album from 2002.

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