07.02.13 : Tumbao Habana – No Hay Como Mi Son

Good evening folks.
Tonight I present you both a nice band from Habana, and a fine Cuban classic covered by that band!

Some of you might have noticed that in the salsa world of today everything is being mixed with just about everything; the order of the day is “coolness”, and new fads come and go… sadly many salseros have forgotten the roots and vast Afro Cuban heritage of salsa, and some musicians are abandoning the roots and core rhythms in favor of new and “trendy” tunes from the west.

Apparently, such a struggle isn’t a new thing at all, as we can hear in this classic song;
“se pasa la vida hablando del ritmo nuevo, mi hermano… del batanga, el chachacha y el mambo nacieron del son cubano… tenemos que conservar nuestra forma original… no te dejes enganar porque… para bailar no hay como mi son!…” .
Remember that thee who knows not his past, and is completely stuck in the present will have no future!

Tumbao Habana is a Son and Timba band founded by pianist Pascualito Cabrejas in 1997, and quickly established itself as a constant performer in ENGREM concerts in Havana.
Pascualito has an eye for talents, and thus the band has given a great many singers a chance in the casa de la musica and the major Timba scene over the year… also, the band has many foreign tours, and has an almost common practice of performing in Peru, for example.
The band consists of a keyboard, a bass, drum set, guiro, congass, 2 trumpets, a saxophone and a trombone.
It has 3 front line singers which are often joined by Pascualito, who leaves the keyboard and sings coros and gears during some live shows.
The band has a rich musical repertoire featuring everything from covers of the classics (like the one featured in this post), Son, Rumba, Mambo, Salsa, and Timba.

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