04.04.14 : Alexander Batte y Kabiocile – Ache Yemaya

Good evening my friends!

Today I present you with a very interesting, new Timba band operating in Paris, France – Alexander Batte y Kabiocile.

The meaning of “Kabiocile” in the Yoruba language (language of the Bantu ethnic group, from which many of the black Cubans originate) is “hail the king!” or “hail, your majesty!”, and is a part of a prayer to the Orisha Chango; It is also sometimes pronounced “Kawo Kabiosile!”.

In the Yoruba religion, Chango is the Orisha \ Santo \ Deity of fire, thunder & lightning, war and drums.
He is often referred to as “el rey del…”, “the king of…” one of the things mentioned above (for example “el rey de los tambores bata – king of the bata drums”) .

The group plays Timba, mixing & matching traditional and modern Cuban music, with a special emphasis on the African side of the Cuban tradition and culture.

Alexander, founder of the band, says that in the song which I present you tonight, “Ache Yemaya”, he thanks the Orisha Yemaya, the divine mother of the universe, for blessing him with the opportunity and gift to create music.


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