27.09.13 : Cuba Jam – Ritmo Ruso

Vsem Privet!
In Russian this phrase means hola a los todos, or hello everybody.

As the phrase suggests, today I’ll be covering a fantastic Russian salsa band, which is called Cuba Jam.

This band was formed in Leningrad, Russian, in 2005, by a group of music academy students, which are the main component of the bands’ members, which changed several times during the years since 2005.

Like many Latin bands usually do, the band started by playing Buena Vista Social Club, and various other Son \ Salsa classics, but since those humble beginnings, has extended its repertoire to original Timba, Salsa and Mambo compositions, Latin jazz, and much more.

In 2012 the band released their debut album, “Con Alegria Pa’lante”, which contains 11 tracks, 10 of which are of various styles of Salsa (spanning from Timba to Salsa Romantica) and 1 is a rhythmic and groovy Cha Cha tune.

Nowadays the band is one of the hottest in Europe, performs at various concert halls, salsa festivals and general events, and shares the stage with such giant as El Gran Combo and the Spanish Harlem Orchestra.

Interestingly, the band is all Russian, with the exception of their lead singer, Boris Hecha, who is a son of a Cuban father and a Russian mother…
It even served as a line during the cuerpo of the song I present you here today, “Ritmo Ruso” (which means Russian Rhythm) :
“el tiempo fue pasando,
y el Cuba Jam estaba buscando la combinacion
del ritmo y el sabor… para que goze mi bailador
*la Cubania de mi padre, la sangre Rusa de mi madre*
me dio… sentir el tumbao… y de la salsa estar enamora(d)o ! ”

So, here it is…
Notice the very interesting guia (gear) \ breakdown which starts at 02:18, is at 6/8 time, and is a fusion of elements from Rumba Columbia and traditional Russian folk music!

Ritmo Ruso… con Jam de Cuba !


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