09.03.18 : Los Guanches – Caña Quema

Good day dear blog readers, followers and listeners.

Today we shall enjoy a nice composition of Son by Los Guanches from Santiago de Cuba…

The band was formed at Santiago de Cuba in 1993 by Tresero Armando Machado, who played with Compay Segundo, Eliades Ochoa and Cuarteto Patria before forming his own band.
The ensemble is named after the native people of the canary island, and has 6 members playing the bass, tress, guiro, bongos \ campana, guitars and vocals, and over the years has performed all over Cuba and toured Europe and Asia.

The composition for today is a Son classic, with this bands’ interpretation presented as a part of their 2013 album “Venga Guano”.


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