17.11.17 : From Poland with love, sun and great Cuban music !

Good day dear blog followers, readers, listeners y todos los amantes de la musica Cubana!

Today the blog returns to its usual activity, after 2 weeks of silence resulting from me traveling to beautiful Poland, including the amazing 13th El Sol Salsa Festival, with a concert of Maykel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor!

So, today I bring you 2 great songs, one that I heard one night while visiting the picturesque town of Sandomierz, and another one I had a great time dancing to during the festival.

The first one mentioned is a groovy new composition from the latest (2017) album of Bamboleo, and is called Mercedita:

The 2nd song is a romantic yet quite rhythmic composition by one of Cuba’s best vocalists, ex Pachito Alonso y Su Kini Kini & ex Bamboleo Vania Borges!

So here is a 2 song compensation of sorts for 2 weeks of 0 blog posts…

¡Disfruta la musica Cubana, mi gente!

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