27.10.17 : Maykel Blanco – Chaca Chaca

Dear blog readers, followers, listeners… I’m excited!
I’m excited because next week Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor are coming to town… to a town near where I currently reside, as a part of their European fall 2017 tour.

And this is quite an exciting event, as live concerts of Cuban music are quite rare around here, and even more exciting as it will be a kind of warm up for me, considering the fact that I’ll be seeing them at Festival El Sol in Warsaw less that 2 weeks after that.

So today I’ll gladly present you with the band’s latest wonderful song, released a short while ago, and not yet a part of any album, called Chaca Chaca.

It’s a great one, as usual, so take a listen!

And here is a live performance from their concert in Ecuador a few weeks ago.


Update late Decembre 2017 – official video clip has been released!

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