06.10.17 : Maykel Blanco – Lo Bello Por Dento

Good day dear reader, listeners and blog followers!

The amazing Maykel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor are on tour in Europe, and the concerts have already begun… videos are there on youtube, for those who can’t wait.

So today, we shall enjoy another beautiful composition by this highly talented Cuban pianist, composer and song writer and his band of virtuosos…

Today’s featured composition is a wonderful Timba called “lo bello por dentro”, from la mayors’ first album, the masterpiece “Recoje y Vete” that came out in 2005.

As it is the case with many Timbas, this song is full of references to the African roots of Cuban culture, gears, solos & improvisation and rhythm changes… fun fun fun!

So, here it is…

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