30.06.17 : Super Mini Banda – Sin Pensarlo

Good day dear blog readers, followers, listeners and all others aficionados de la musica Cubana!

Today I wish to share with you a nice composition by a band of young Habaneros who have released a CD in 2012 and call themselves “La Super Mini Banda”…
From what I heard so far, the “super” part is quite true, referring to the quality of the composition presented here today, and the “banda” part is also, naturally, true, but at your typical 9 members, I see no reason for using “mini” as a description of the band…
Anyways, to each their own, and I quite gladly enjoy their music!

La Super Mini Banda was formed in 2002 in La Habana by Oscar Calvino Jova y Pedro Alberto Carballea Barrios, as a congregation of talented young Cuban musicians with a grand desire for playing Cuban music, from traditional genres to contemporary Timba;
The band even invented a new rhythm they named “Tatas’cha”

The band represented Cuba in the Juegos Centro Americanos de atletismo, performing at the medal ceremony at the Bahamas in 2005, and later on toured Argentina, playing in various cities throughout the country.

The band released its first, and as far as I know, only, album in 2012, called “corazon latino”, which contains only 4 tracks for some reason.
The composition we shall be enjoying today is on the calmer and more romantic side, and is named “Sin Pensarlo”.


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