12.05.17 : Orquesta del Sol – Solo Vivo por Ti

Good day dear listeners, readers and blog followers!

Today I present you, once more, a nice composition by a salsa band from… Japan !

This time we will be dealing with Orquesta del Sol, the first Japanese Latin & Salsa band.
The 12 member band was formed by Masahito “Pecker” Hashida in 1978, performing in both Spanish and Japanese.
The band’s first album, Amor de Arcoiris, came out in 1981, with the band performing extensively in the clubs of Tokio.
Since then 9 more albums have been released, and the band performed with such pillars of Afro Cuban & Latin music as NG La Banda, Tata Guines, Yumuri and el Gran Combo.

The song presented today comes from the 2002 album Carcajada.


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