28.04.17 : Aisar y el Expresso de Cuba – Tu Me Propones

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Today I present you the best song (in my opinion) of a nice album that came out earlier this year, by Aisar y el Expresso de Cuba.

This is rather new band, formed in late 2015 by former Orquesta Reve bass player Aisar Hernanadez Segundo from La Habana, who before was also a part of Maravilla de Florida, Dan Den, and several other groups.

Other group members include Eduardo ‘El Chino’ Broche from Pachito Alonso y sus Kini Kini, Akaena Rodriguez from Caribe Girls, and Wilmer Munoz from La La Charanga Forever.

The album “Musica Cubana, Llego el Expresso” contains 11 tracks, and is quite dance floor friendly…

So, here it is, the best track of the album, with the wonderful vocals of Akaena Rodriguez…


Official disc version:

From 23yM Cuban TV:

Concert version:

1 thought on “28.04.17 : Aisar y el Expresso de Cuba – Tu Me Propones

  1. Yaron Kaplan

    Our tastes are so different…
    It’s nice to hear a female lead singer for a change, but I don’t like those songs – I feel they are repetitive and boring.
    Also I prefer songs in major key.


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