14.10.16: Orquesta Reve – Ya se Cantar, ya se Bailar

Good day dear readers and blog followers!
Today we shall listen to one of my favorite songs by Orquesta Reve, which I suppose that most of you are familiar with, as it came out over 5 years ago.

The song is Ya se Cantar, ya se bailar, and pretty much has all I’m looking for in a fine Timba song – good tempo, not very slow but not fast, great rhythm section, good melody, well based classical Son-Songo-Timba structure, strong vocals and decent amounts of improvisation.

This song also features the immensely talented Susel “la china” Gomez, which is a great addition for any song, and surely always pleases the ear (and the eye 😉 ).

So, let us listen, dance and have a great time;

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