30.09.16 : Adonis y Osain Del Monte – Cachita

Good day dear readers and blog followers!

Today I present you something a bit different, compared to the usual line I follow in this blog, which mostly includes Son, Songo and Timba.
Today we shall be enjoying another beautiful side of Cuban culture, the so called “Afro-Cuban” side, which sends a long line back to the roots of Cuban culture in Africa…

Today we shall be enjoying a composition by a talented group of youths right from the streets of La Habana, that will play a mix of Rumba and other Afro Cuban music… these are Adonis y Osain del Monte.

This group is named after the Orisha (Yoruba deity) Osain, saint \ spirit \ “god” of herbs and natural medicine, who knows all of nature’s secrets, and with his small ear can hear everything, even a leaf falling from a tree…

The group was founded on July 19th, 2013 in La Habana by a group of highly talented young musicians playing in some of the top Afro Cuban ensembles in Habana, such as Yoruba Andabo, Clave y Guaguanco and Conjunto Folklorico Nacional, and is lead by vocalist, dancer, percussionist and director Adonis Andres Panter Calderon.
One of the most interesting and wonderful things in this group, at least for me, which makes my eyes as happy as my ears, is the fact that the group’s members are as good of dancers as they are musicians; as you will see in their beautiful clips, there definitely is as much beautiful dancing in the clips as there is beautiful music!

The group has recently released a disc named “La Negra”, which contains much Afro Cuban music and interesting fusions with other styles of Cuban music such as Son, Bolero and Timba; the title track is a good example.

Recently the group has been appearing more and more with top artists from the primera linea such as Klimax, Alexander Abreu and El Nino y La Verdad, adding lots of Sabor to these marvelous compositions (such as here).

So, for today we have a very nice composition called “Cachita”, released in 2014.
I advise watching as much as listening for full enjoyment… Disfruten!

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