26.08.16 : Grupo Granma – Quiero Conseguir la Dicha

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Carying on with the topic of Santiago de Cuba from last week, today we shall meet a very nice, but little known, group named Grupo Granma, which a friend introduced me to last week…

This group has been playing for almost 2 decades now, and has been right there amidst the Timba revolution of the 1990’s, with 3 albums to date, the first being a hit filled Timba collection named Ay, por Dios!, which came out in 1999.

Since then 2 more albums, A Bailar, Bailadores! and Ya Llegue, have been released in 2010 and 2011 respectively, but the composition for today comes from their first album, and IMO is a pure Timba masterpiece!

So, here it is!
I would recommend everybody to explore the rest of the album and their other works, which include both solid Timba tracks and interesting compositions of traditional Cuban music, both their own and fine interpretations of well known classics.


As commonly observed in Timba music, musicians often play around with the clave in various ways.
This song is no exception… can you spot any “clave tricks” in this song? challenge yourself 🙂

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