25.03.16 : El Nino y La Verdad – Ese Soy Yo

Good day dear readers!

Today I’m glad to present you another song by the wonderful Habana band, El Nino y La Verdad.

The nice thing about this talented band, made both of newly discovered talents and veteran musicians from great bands as Orquesta Reve and Manolito y Su Trabuco, is that they will be performing live this spring \ summer all over Europe!

If that alone wasn’t enough, one of the concerts is to take place on 19.06.2016, during the 7th festival internacional de Guaguanco, one of the best Cuban dance festivals outside Cuba, produced by Jorge Camaguey.

If you are planning to attend, and you definitely should, the best thing to do is get your pass from a promoter, as this gets you a discounted price.

Anyway, here’s the song, and I for one am quite glad to say that I’ll be hearing it live quite soon 🙂


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