11.12.15 : NG La Banda – Un Sueno Terrible

Good evening dear readers, listeners and followers!

Any aficionado of any musical genre must have probably come across the following situation at least once:
You have so many records \ CDs \ music on your computer that with time you start forgetting the older stuff you have!

This is exactly what has been happening to me during the last week or so;
I have been listening to the discographies of several of the best Cuban bands since the days of the revolution, including NG La Banda, the band to which most experts attribute the definition of Timba as a musical genre (el Tosco, by the way, was the first one to use the name “Timba” for the wonderful musical genre we all love so much…) .

The song I gladly present you today is from the ingenious 1994 album “La Bruja”;
This album is full of eternal masterpieces and gems such as “te pongo mal”, “ya llego la hora”, “marinero soy”, “picadillo de soya” and the title track (“la bruja”).

The track we “un sueno terrible”, which I present you today, is a bit less known, but nevertheless a wonderful composition with a nice story told by the beautiful voice of Tony Cala, the 1st Timba singer (as it is customary in Cuban music);
It tells of a man dreaming of walking in the desert, and the adventures he has.
Personally, I rarely remember my dreams, but those who do will probably sympathize with one of the super catchy coros: “cuando estaba en la parte mejor, vino ella y me desperto!”.

So, here it is… Disfruten la musica Cubana!

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