30.10.15 : Cuba Jam – Mi Nina

Good day dear readers!

Today I’m glad to present a very nice and romantic salsa song by the wonderful Cuba Jam from Leningrad!

As veteran followers of the blog will surely remember, I posted one of their songs back in the day, and liked their CD very much.

The song presented today is a salsa romantica, but with lots of Cuban sabor, energy and rhythm.

Salsa romantica means a very simple thing – it’s a salsa song with romantic lyrics.
It means nothing about tempo, complexity or the presence (or absence) of this or that elements of Cuban music.
If an alleged salsa song lacks some of the rhythmic or structural elements of the genres composing “salsa” music (which are mainly Son Montuno, Mambo, Guaracha and Guaguanco-Son), it is not a “salsa” song at all, but something else, for better or worse.

Personally, I love the lyrics Boris Hecha writes very much, and can sympathize a lot with them.
Maybe it’s because both he and I are Russian, born and raised in the Russian culture, so possibly we somewhat think alike.
Regardless of the reasons, I’m quite fond of the coro of this song:
“El dia,
el dia entero junto a ti,
es como vivir la vida de nuevo,
las noches de locura”

Well, Disruten!
You can find the whole album on the band’s channel on youtube, or just follow the suggestions present on the page of this song…

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