03.04.15 : Orquesta Reve – No Le Pegues Con el Pie

Good day dear readers!

Being not only good advice in general (the title of the song 🙂 ), the song I’m glad to present you today by Elito Reve y Su Charangon, from the 2008 fresquesito album, is quite an interesting one.

Orquesta Reve is well known for making Timba heavily influenced by Changui, an old form of Cuban country music coming from the Oriente region in eastern Cuba, an ancestor of Son, which is the most direct forefather of all Salsa music.

But, at times Cuban orchestras “stray away” from the pure Timba format, and make such interesting compositions as this one…
As funny as it might sound to say, this song is “Meren-Timba”, or even one might say “Timba con Merengue y Bembe”, and offers humor, rhythm and some Orisha lore all in one nice package!

So, I hope you’ll enjoy listening and dancing to this fine track,
Disfruten !

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